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Monday, April 30 View Page
Greenhouse-Patch The greenhouse-patch is in 2018 divided: The mainpart in the house get`s after four years of using a year of rest.....with many good recovery-activity`s for the soil. The left side is under construction... …..and the right side is this year prepaired for the 150 SQF-Challenge. This part has a basic groundplan of 3x4m ( = 129 sqf)....and the rest is for the fruit on the grass.... After a chaotic germinating-time this year, the keeper should be the „966 Rohrdiek17“ ( 1813 Northrup x 1678 THE ) and for the pollinator I hope for the 1719 Martin14 or 1630 Daletas14.
Monday, April 30 View Page
Teich-Patch After completion with the edging stones and so on, I hope for a good season with my own nice orange 606 MC-Krüger13 with 300 kilos. For the pollination is planned the 676 Rohrdiek17 or the 730 Tanner12.
Monday, April 30 View Page
Hecken-Patch This year here I`am cutting my usual fleecemats for more rootbuilding at he sidevines. I`am starting with three own giants, three bushel-gourds and five fieldpumpkins.
Sunday, May 20 View Page
AG-Saison 2018..."ALL IN"....
Sunday, May 20 View Page
...and ...FP-Saison 2018....Let`s go!
Wednesday, June 13 View Page
This season we had here in Brandenburg the hottest May since 130 years.....Ufff....and eight weeks without mentioning rain. So many giant-plants are three weeks before the normal time. 150 SQF-CHALLENGE The 966 Rohrdiek is on the way to leave the basic-area..... ….exciting to wait for the keeper.
Wednesday, July 11 View Page
The 966 Rohrdiek-plant in my backyardgarden has filled out the SQF-Patch and it looks great. The keeper with a nice orange-cross is on the way, but the wheater here this year is in the meantime a big problem: No rain since April...... ....SAHARA in Brandenburg..... The saison at the Teltow-Patch is because of the great drought over and done because the water supply there is only manuell with watering can`s ..no chance... I think, there are coming some 500er giants...and that`s it. The only hope carrier is the 606K at the pondpatch, because he gets tap water there.
Thursday, July 26 View Page
SQF-CHALLENGE Keeper-change at the 966 Rohrdiek.....!! ….because the first keeper at the mainvine looks a little bit strange..... So I have culled it and the new keeper is one of the sidevine-reserve-fruits....unfortunately open. What else is there...?: Due to the historical heat period here in germany many growers lost there plants or the keepers are far behind.....No good pumpkin year here.
Friday, August 10 View Page
SQF-Challenge --- 10.08. Stand today: DAP37 with 325lbs
Tuesday, August 28 View Page
SQF-CHALLENGE --- New job for the SQF-966 Rohrdiek: Because in my backyardgarden I have a problem with the only 116cm breadth of my gardendoor I use the pumpkin for a test, to limit the breadthgrowing of a the fruit with some formwork boards.... at 99cm...... ..and next year I hope for the emergency case.....with 500 Kilo`s....and a 110cm limited pumpkin....
Thursday, September 20 View Page
Last entry before slaughter in the first week of octobre. In the meantime the keeper get`s the name „Hydraulic-Giant“ because he damaged the construction two times.....LOL... The OTT is naturally unknown because CC and SS are not measurable. I have no idea if this „prison“ was a problem for growing inside.....but I know from this test, that he has unbelievable power. But the main-mystery is if he goes 40 or 50% heawy ....or not...... We will see....
Monday, October 8 View Page
SQF-Challenge --- 08.10. Final result for the „Hydraulic Giant“ My test-pumpkin for my gardendoor-problem did a good job, but it looks that he loses many weight because the formwork-boards....so 40% for every new pound, I guess. According to the current gpc-table it goes a little light....Uff Not a good news for me,...LOL, Result: 544,5 MC-Krüger18 UOW..... Cross 966 Rohrdiek17 x open; sidevine ...First SQF-PB for me.
Saturday, October 27 View Page
Last entry for saison 2018 Biggest and most beautiful giant this year was my new „828,9 MC-Krueger18“ with the Cross : „606 MC-Krueger13“ x „738 Wagler11“ ; 376,0 kg.... …..and a great pollination with the HDA-Winner 738 Wagler. This is simultaneously a new state record for the city of Berlin.


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